Dream | Early Access and Release Date


We’re incredibly excited to announce that as of ‘August 13th‘, Dream will be available to purchase on Steam - early access!



A HUGE thank you to the support you have all given us so far - without you we would not be in the position we are in now. Having you, the  community, play our game and providing feedback what you like and don’t like will help us shape the final experience. We’re doing our best to listen to you and we hope that you enjoy what we have so far!

Its our dream to be on Steam, and now Dream is on Steam! (pun intended ;) )

Buying Dream on Steam’s early access gives you the Alpha of Act I. This means you will be able to play through Act 1 of the game to the end but may experience bugs along the way. Purchasing will also mean you get all future updates, as well as the final release!  We are also excited to announce Dream will launch with Cloud Saving and Steam Trading Cards on day one.

For those of you who donated and played ‘Pre-Alpha Version 2′ will notice a lot of changes, new areas and an overall better experience, which has been crafted with some of the advice in mind you have related back to us via the forum.

Speaking of the Forum, this is now open to the public. Those of you who donated early will have a special area between you and a special Donor badge.

So how to get Dream?

If you head on over to Steam on the release Date you will be able to find it there. We will also have a ‘Buy’  page on our Site which will have a direct link to the store.

What if I have already Donated?

As promised, if you donated £5 or more when the Donation period was on you will be able to head over to this page to claim your Steam Key. Please note you need to provide the email address you donated with when the site launches. If there are any problems please contact us; [email protected]. Again this link will be on the ‘Buy’ page once the game is live for easier access.

When can I claim my tier rewards?

We’re still hard at work on Dream and we are close to speaking to a few of you about inputting your rewards once we get to the stage. First up will most likly be your username in the computer. Then the collectables. The soundtrack will be available once Dream launches its final build.

So Rift and Mac editions?

Soon! We are awaiting upon a Engine Rift update to fix many many bugs. Once this happens the rift build will most likely be a prototype demo for you to check out and help relay feedback of what you think works and doesn’t work well in the rift edition.
Right now we are working on packaging the game for Mac, but we are running into a few unexpected issues, but we are getting closer day by day. Expect more news soon.

Controller Support?

Yup!.. Well sorta.
The game supports the controller, but there are a few issues with this at the moment. The in-game PC is not compatible yet with the controller, so a keyboard and mouse is needed for this.
The inventory system too is a temporary one, which will most likely be updated soon. But right now the controller is not working with the inventory menu either.

So to summarise, Yes, except for the Inventory Menu, and the In-Game PC.

Other Languages?

You betcha. We have had A LOT of requests to localize the game, so that’s what we will be doing. The bad news right now though is we cannot do this until the game is nearly complete really. Right now the game is English Audio and English Subtitles, but the final build will support the following languages;

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • Portuguese-Brazil
  • Russian
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