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'Strange Stone' Control Interface

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'Strange Stone' Control Interface

PostTue Aug 27, 2013 5:57 am

I, like many others, have been stumped when trying to use the Strange Stone in the Terrace Walkway. As devs and frequent playtesters, it should be obvious to you - you know where to look and where to read when the small black bar showing control instructions pops up. However, us, as players, don't usually have time to read or miss the instruction completely. The mishmash of Xbox controls amongst the pc controls also confused me, I would suggest making some controller plugin that changed this UI whenever a controller was connected. In order to combat the confusion and the Steam Forum posts 'Stuck in garden with stone, what do?' I would suggest some sort of super obvious UI like this, whenever the player moved in controlling distance of the pillar:

Yay or nay? Anyone else got stuck at this point, not knowing which buttons to press? Is a more obvious UI needed, or am I just being a bit over-the-top with this format?

EDIT: It would also be nice for the 'I to open Inventory' instruction were this obvious.
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Re: 'Strange Stone' Control Interface

PostTue Aug 27, 2013 12:09 pm

I completely agree with you about how confusing it was to use the Strange Stone. Part of this is that we had just changed the way the inventory system worked and this made the stone the only object which actually did something when you pushed 'F'. Hopefully once we make all objects use 'F' it will have a better progression where you know what to do by that point in that game but I do agree the text also needs clearing up as well. Regarding having an on-screen prompt when you can use the stone I'm not against the idea, my only concern is that we want to hide other times you can use the stone in different levels for secrets and such so do you think the prompt should only appear if you have the stone out and are in proximity of the object it effects much like the effect on the side of towers?

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