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How to claim your donation rewards

Your guide to the Dream forum and a quick welcome message
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How to claim your donation rewards

PostMon Jan 07, 2013 5:04 pm

This only applies to Donors

Thank you all for your very generous donations. The fact that you are reading this means you donated £5 or more, which is a HUGE help. We know you are all eager to get your hands on the Dream rewards so here is how to go about receiving them.

“£1 will get your name in the credits and our sincere thanks”

This will be done automatically by us. Everyone who donates will get their name in the backers section of the game.

“£5 will grant you access to pre-alpha builds and upwards and a developer forum where you can help us shape the game.”
If you are reading this before registering simply click register at the top and use the email you used to donate in order to sign up (May take a few hours for the email to become active). Dream is accessible for people who are logged in via the Dream Builds section in the forum. We ask that you do not distribute Dream publicly. We hope you enjoy the forums!

“£15 will get you the games original soundtrack and all the above tiers”
As the soundtrack is not yet fully complete we will be emailing you with a link to receive a collection sample of songs. When the whole of Act I songs are complete we will email you with a link to download the Act I soundtrack. (When the other 2 parts are completed we will again provide a link)

“£100 will let you work with us to create your own unique username and password for the in-game PC which you can keep secret or share with the world. This would involve you choosing some documents and emails to include on the computer and can also include a picture of yourself”
We will personally contact you to arrange your account, items and if you wish to share your details for the world to explore.

“£300 will get your name in the credits as a producer and all of the above. Additionally you will be able to work with us to create your own unique collectable to place in the game”
As before we will contact you asking for the information above and to discuss a collectable you wish to place in Dream. Your name will also be placed in the ‘Producer’ section of the credits.

So again, thank you all ever so much for your donations. Thanks to you we are back on working on Dream and will get the first Pre-Alpha version to you as soon as its available! In the meantime please feel free to make threads on the forum - we will be looking at it daily.

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