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Cube maze / region painfully bright

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Cube maze / region painfully bright

PostMon Feb 17, 2014 7:03 am

I've played 84 minutes of the game so far and quite loving it. I love the environments, the exploration, the narration (though the protagonist sounds way too cheerful to me, in my opinion.)

The main feedback I'd like to leave is that the first sequence with the cubes was painful for me in that it's extremely difficult to navigate around the environment. I ended up spending most of the region with the right-click zoom-in enabled because it slightly darkened the corners of the screen. I'm fairly sure that the disorienting brightness was meant to be intentional, but ultimately I only found it annoying when I spent some 25 minutes wandering around trying to find the way out that I'd wandered past in the first few minutes. In retrospect, using the compass would have helped (I picked it up but didn't figure out how to open my inventory until later.)

Because I have developing cataracts, seeing a fully white screen actually is painful for me. I'm definitely in the minority there, though.

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