From Sidebottom to Stancill

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Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a quick recovery from your hangovers ;)

Kicking things off, the new me!
My name has changed :O I no longer have the surname ‘Sidebottom’. It’s going to be really strange to get used to, but I now go by ’Ashley Stancill’.

This is quite a big change for me, I have to change all my information, tell everyone it’s changed, find a new online handle :O; I’ve been using sidearse92 for years… ; I also have to get used to not hearing ‘Oh, so you have a bottom on your side?’ - However I’m sure my friends will still call me Sidearse. :)

Whilst it’s quite a hassle changing a name, I’m glad I have done it now rather than later. I’ve made it my new years resolution to go and network more, and meet more of you guys and people in the industry. If you read my first post I was struggling to find if this industry is right for me, and I know it is now, I just need to make a mark for myself rather than hiding in a corner of the industry.

Anyways! Onto Dream news. Firstly, THANK YOU. Over Christmas we made it to the Steam Community Vote. I woke up to find we were next up; what a surprise!

Now I can’t really tell you what’s going on, but I can tell you the work I have scheduled. Right now I’m fixing some Scaleform issues. Such as the in-game PC’s. Then the list is as followed

*Finish howards Rig (I did a test rig, here is a sneak peak; Note that the char or anims are NOT final. This is a RIG test. ) No more vampire Howard ;)
*New inventory system
*Rift (Yes Yes.. It IS coming :P )

View Test Rig MP4

Right now I’m still in Chesterfield from the Christmas break. I’m waiting till Wednesday to go back to the sloffice as I want to see my sisters first baby scan tomorrow :D
But here is what I am working on whilst here;

Once I’m back however, the first job is packing up those Christmas Decorations… It seems Howard is too lazy to do it himself.

Shamless Plugs;

I’m hoping to continue this blog throughout 2014 with my Personal and Dream related Game Developments. If any are related to Dream, I’ll upload those to the Dream blog too, but if you want to follow me keep checking back ;)

Ill be updating my Twitter regularly too, @s1dearse92
Thanks for reading

Ash Sidebottom Stancill


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