What is Dream?

Dream is an adventure game with a focus on narrative and exploration.

Play as Howard Phillips, a young man whose waking hours are filled with feelings of dread and despair, but whose dreams are clear, lucid and powerful. Do these dreams hold the key to Howard’s future? Journey through the subconscious mind in a quest for self-awareness and truth.

Unique Interact-able 3D Environments

Every environment in the game is lovingly hand-crafted by our close-knit team of four and with no worldly restrictions to the environments we can have a vast range of aesthetics and puzzles.

Non-linear Narrative and Gameplay

You are free to explore dream environments where puzzles can be completed in different orders and the story progresses according to your choices. The paths you choose affect which dreams you experience and how the finale plays out.

Collectables, Items and Secrets

Each dream is filled with secrets and collectables that help the player progress and contribute to the story.


Dream features an original soundtrack by composer Norman Legies.

Multiple Endings

Traverse through one of three story lines depending on how you play.


Explore the worlds at your own pace.


Experience Dream with full Audio and Interface in English, French, German and Russian!


Take control of Howard with most PC Pads.

Steam Cloud

No need to worry about your saves. Dream has Steam Cloud support.

Steam Trading Cards

Discover and Trade Steam Trading Cards for Dream.


Unlock in-game achievements.


Here are a few random in game screenshots.

Where to buy

Available on Steam!

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Can I Monetize Dream

Absolutely! We have no problems what so ever we just ask that you show what version of the game is as there will be unfinished features in the Alpha and Beta builds.


Unfortunately we’re not quite ready to hand out press copies of the game yet! Right now people are purchasing Dream to help support us and have a hand in shaping the final outcome of the game. We will be sending out press keys in late Beta and Pre-Release. Please email us at [email protected] - We might not reply but we will add you to the mailing list! Thanks for understanding.


Currently all job positions are filled, but please keep checking back.

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