Small Update - Writer and Upcoming News


So we haven’t posted an update in a while so I thought id post a little one now.

We are going to start up the blogs again soon now that we have a new website for you to ‘explore’ them in . We also have been very busy working on some great stuff that we can hopefully announce soon!
Right now too - we are working on the Rift Edition of Dream. Ill do a full blog post soon about it and go into quite some depth.

Just a quick update in regards to the current dialogue in the game and the upcoming dialogue.

For those of you that don’t know, the current dialogue in the game are placeholders in order to make the game feel less empty. Even though Dream is still in its pre-alpha stage we still want you to get the feel of what Dream will be like story wise, so we added these placeholders to give you an idea of the certain bits that appear in those places.

We have had a new writer, named Dawn, working with us for about a week now and she has really helped to define Howards character in a way we feel you will all hopefully like and relate too. Currently its undergoing a lot of reviewing and discussion but we plan on adding the new dialogue within the next few builds hopefully- so we would love to see what you think of Howards character and how well you think the story in Dream is unfolding.

Its great working with Dawn as she gives a few examples of how each scenario could unfold and also bounces suggestions to us so that we can tweak the environment to get the right feel across to you! - after all Dream is about immersion!
I’m not going to give much away as the scrips still in very early stages, but here is a little something that happens just after Howard wakes up from the sofa.


1: (Irritated) ‘Groans’ “Lights Howard! Turn them off! The electricity bill was huge last time”
2: (Mocking) “Oops, forgot to turn the lights off again”
3: (Guilty) ‘Slight chuckle or snort’ “Uncle Ed will haunt me if I leave the lights on in an empty room”


On entering: ‘Suck air through teeth’ “God, it’s cold in here”
Opening fridge: (Glum) ‘pfft’ “Damn, I’m starving”

Hopefully you’ll get an idea of how Dawn works with that snippet and how nice it is for us to really get into Howards character and work with the writer to see which scenario would best fit, then tweak that scenario until were happy with it!

The kitchen script also shows a good example of getting a better feel for the environment too - mentioning that the kitchen is cold is something you would naturally do when entering a cold room, this also is a very natural way to explain the environment a bit more to you and help you get a better feeling to where you are and your surroundings. We’re excited to see great uses of this throughout :D

Sorry for the informal layout and very brief insight, but I thought I would share with you about where we are in the process of putting the story we have into Dream

Would love to know what you think when you see it too, or maybe what you think of the placeholder text in the game right now?

Hope you are enjoying Dream

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