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Co-Founder of HyperSloth.
I specialise in Technical, Scaleform & Asset Creation in digital design. Good technical understanding of other areas such as Game Engines, PHP, MySQL, C# , Servers and WordPress.

Love to dabble in a bit of Basketball, Photography, Art and Design, Networking and of course; Games.
Usually jot my thoughts on

I’m trained to handle the aesthetic side of things. I got into game design through my 3D art and have since developed a love for all aspects of creating indie games. I’ve played games all of my life and my adolescence defining game was Halo 2. Once Halo 2 had run through its glory days I gradually made the swap to PC gaming and I’ve been here ever since. My current love is Dota 2.

I’m a Games designer who has worked independently and as part of a team in game studios. I have a few games out on different platforms but nothing I have built from the ground up, so Dream really is a personal project for me.

I’ve always wanted to set up a independent studio and after meeting Ash and Lewis everything fell into place.

“I really hope I’ll manage to make an O.S.T to make you all ‘dream’. I found this project via Steam Greenlight and I was immediately interested and wrote mail to the team, including some of my work.
Many game soundtracks seem extremely influenced by hollywood-esque tunes, being very atmospheric and in my opinion very cold. I plan to make a soundtrack with melodies to remember.”

I’ve been working professionally as a voice artist for about a year, after I decided that I wanted a career change. For over a decade previously I’d been working as a web producer, for media companies such as Discovery TV and the History Channel.

Most of the voice work I’ve done so far has been for corporate clients, but some of the most entertaining jobs I’ve had include recording the trailer for the 2016 Youth Olympic Winter Games, and a commercial for ‘Johnny Space’ - Wolverhampton’s finest buffet style Indian restaurant. I’m also very proud to have actually been paid to say ‘remember, this product is not available in shops’.

I’ve been gaming for at least 30 years - one of the finest games I remember playing was a Star Wars arcade game in about 1984. In fact, gaming was the main reason that I turned to voice acting, as I’ve always wanted to be involved in making video games.

I’m really excited to be working with Lewis, Ash and Sam on Dream, helping to develop Howard’s character and discovering what, after all, he’s going to do with his life.

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