Dream news, May 2015

Hi there, Just wanted to post an update on how the Dream development is going on the current schedule. I noticed some of you were getting a little concerned and frustrated about the lack of update since February and hopefully this post will clear up as much as possible. Since the middle of March we […]

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Dream Sitrep and Gratitude – January 2015

Hi Folks, Just wanted to post an update about Dream and where we are currently at with development stages. There is quite a lot to talk about so ill do my best to split it into sectioned paragraphs. Lack of Updates As many of you have noticed it has been quite a while ( October […]

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Hacked By Sxtz

Hacked By Sxtz Hacked By Sxtz   GreetZ : Prosox & Shade Contact @KunSxtz Hacked By Sxtz

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Looking “Into” Dream with the Oculus Rift

With the Dream Rift Prototype release just around the corner, I thought I would write a short section about the process of porting Dream over to the Rift. As we have said many times, most features in Dream were developed with the Rift in mind; we want to create a truly immersive exploration game, and […]

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Small Rift Update

The following is taken from the Dream Steam forum. I thought I would post an update to you all! Merry Christmas!! ——- Ass³ [developer] 21 hours ago Hi Guys, Thought I’d give you a small update. As @budwheizzah said, unfortunately the Oculus team suffered a loss of a co-founder. This Co-Founder was also in charge […]

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Mac Progress

Mac Attack..   I finally got Dream working on the mac after altering and throwing a few files around before cooking. We also realised that a post process effect was fusing it not to work on the mac either, so removing that helped. It’s woooorkiiinggg Theres another issue here too, well actually, quite a few […]

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