Footstep sounds with custom pawn [ Howard ]

Just a short update this time – Nothing I can really post without spoiling the upcoming content so I thought I would write a brief description of how the Footstep sounds in Dream work. Normally in UDK you don’t have to worry so much about footsteps, you just tell the materials properties what audio clip […]

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Dream Development Update [June]

So whilst we are not too far away from an update for Dream we thought it would be nice to post an announcement explaining to you all where we are right now on the process of finishing Dream and what we are all currently working on combien coute du viagra. As some of you may […]

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‘Dream’ Key Bindings Progress

Hey Guys! As Key Bindings are one of the top requested things to come to Dream I thought I would do a little update on the situation. Dream being on Early Access lets us hear what you folks want; and while being on Early Access isn’t much of an excuse to why Key Bindings aren’t […]

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Replacing UDK’s ‘BlendByDirection’

Hello world!

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Develop Article: The VR Dream and overcoming dev hurdles

You can read the full Article here on the Develop site, or continue reading below   I’m Ashley Stancill, one of the co-founders of HyperSloth (Which consists of me, Lewis Bibby and Samuel Read). We have been working on a ‘first-person atmospheric exploration game called Dream for a little under two years now. In Dream you […]

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