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[Edit:] We just made a post on the Lucid Dreaming subreddit in order to attract attention to Dream and its kickstarter to meet its goal! Please if you can, vote it up and help spread the word!

Firstly I would like to thank you all for your support and the pledges if you have backed us on Kickstarter! It means a lot to us. There are a few updates we want to tell you about but first the not so good news.

Our Kickstarter has been running for around 10 days now and we are only at 14% of our target with 20 days left. It doesn’t look like we will make it if the trend continues, however we are hopeful! We would love to finish Dream and let you experience something new and rewarding for your pre-purchase pledge.

Dream currently has over 290,000 views on its Greenlight page and over 15,000 Favourites. If everyone who favourite Dream on Greenlight backed £1.30 we would meet our goal! Please if you haven’t already and would love to see Dream, back us on Kickstarter!

We also posted a 2nd update on Kickstarter about the Story of Dream which you can read here


Were happy to announce Sam will be appearing on a live stream talking about Dream and its Kickstarter on Kick-a-thon, a project ran by the creator of ‘Fargoal’.

Kick-a-thon is hosting its 2nd Kick-a-Thon on Friday December 14th and Saturday December 15th.

If you would like to watch please tune in at 9-9:30am PST (Seattle, WA) or 5-5:30pm (UK) on Saturday December 15th ! See you there.

Dialogue and Story

We know some people are concerned about the quality of the writing and voice acting in the current pre-alpha so I’d like to put their minds at ease by explaining where that dialogue came from and why it’s there. It is, like the rest of the game,a work in progress and we know none of it is of a high enough quality to be in the final game. What happened was that we decided to take a playable demo of Dream to Eurogamer. Trying to get a working demo ready ate up a lot of our time, so much so that I personally wrote all the dialogue the day before we left for eurogamer knowing that there was some areas that needed dialogue to provide context (this was just subtitles with no voice acting). Once we got back from Eurogamer we teamed up with our voice actor Jonathan Keith and immediately started building a revised subtitle system that would work better with the sound clips Jonathan would provide. By the time this was finished we had another deadline coming up and so Jonathan very graciously recorded all the lines that I had written for Eurogamer (and a couple more for the new areas) with very little time, feedback or context to go off himself. We quickly added these to the game and handed over the build to PaperbatVG to do a lets play for us and that is the version of the dialogue you can see in all our videos.

Since then we’ve been able to take a breath and review what needs doing to get the narrative up to scratch. Jonathan has been re-recording dialogue for us to give feedback to and tweaking the style of Howards voice whilst we’ve been working on the larger details of the story and new environments to round off the first act of the game. Not long from now we’ll finally implement a more thought out script with Jonathan being having more time to spend recording and then we’ll probably show you all what we have and see what you think.

Again thank you for your support!

Please support us on Kickstarter

Merry Christmas!!

-          Ash

p.s Here is a sneak peek on what I will be working on over Christmas!

(This is just a prototype concept to block out the level, I’m currently working on the new island layouts which are much more detailed! Please take it with a pinch of salt - but it should give you a idea of what I am working on)




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  1. Wok December 13, 2012 at 9:00 pm

    I would say the problem with your Kickstarter is you don’t provide a strong incentive to pay: most people would be willing to pay a small amount if they can play the game in the foreseeable future, and:
    1) September 2014 sounds far away,
    2) there is no alpha build for people backing with less than 25 pounds.

    So it harder for all the people to take the step.

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