Our 3rd blog mostly contains updates, however they are interesting and beneficial to you.


Kicking things off with Kick-A-Thon. As mentioned in the previous blog Sam will be a Guest on Kick-A-Thon tonight. You can watch it here live.  He will be chatting about Dream and us!

Here are the times Sam appears.
9-9:30am PST (Seattle, WA) or 5-5:30pm (UK) on Saturday December 15th ! First! See you there.


This morning we reached 502 likes! Thank your very much for your support and reaching this mile stone. Our Facebook now is getting more regular updates, as promised and were excited to look on ahead. If you wholesale mlb jerseys haven’t already please go like us on Facebook to keep up to date with news and development.

Were pleased to announce Sketchfab have kindly given us a Pro account so <a href="http://dreamthegame viagra livraison”>Gulp! we can show cheap mlb jerseys you some Dream assets! We love that we are now able to do this and we are CELL including some models in the Alpha tier but more on that next.

If you have any wholesale jerseys models to show sign up for your free account here! They are also running Operation Overlord, which gives members unlimited explodes once they reach 20,000 registered users. They are not far off, Have a look here

You can have a look at our models here or alternatively look at the embedded models at the bottom of the blog. There are a few up now but expect to see more!

Small Tier Upgrade

Because we now have a Sketchfab account I’m were really excited to share some models with you. Whilst we will be regularly cheap nba jerseys showing off some models, we also will be showing some more exclusive models and scenes included in the ‘Alpha’ tier and onwards on our kickstarter


We just made a post on the Lucid Dreaming subreddit in order to attract attention to Dream and its kickstarter to meet its goal! Please if you can, vote it up and help spread the word! – We also added it to the Gaming subreddit which you can upvote here too You

Thanks for listing – here are the models uploaded to Sketchfab

– Ash

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