Mac Attack..


I finally got Dream working on the mac after altering and throwing a few files around before cooking. We also realised that a post process effect was fusing it not to work on the mac either, so removing that helped.

It’s woooorkiiinggg

Theres another issue here too, well actually, quite a few issues. If your a Dream fan, you might notice that the title is missing from the Main Menu. The title uses a blur effect, and it seems like open GL doesn’t like this. So it looks like some options of scale form would need to be changed for the mac edition, thus adding more work onto an already insanely amount of work to do in a year. Another problem with this too is the framerate. Right now the house runs at around 19FPS on LOW settings. This just is not fit for release, even on early access.

Adding a map built by Epic Games themselves also brought up the same issues. So theres more research to be done - something has gone wrong somewhere, but at least its getting there.

I blame Lewis for all this, Greenlight asked for a mac build, Lewis assured us it was easy as clicking a big button that says “Okay now build it for mac!” - but oh well, where’s the fun in that?


Now for some more ranting unfortunately.
Today I saw a certain post being resurrected on our forums. It’s one of those posts where people have no intentions other than to cause trouble and create a fuss over nothing. I know this because the user that created it is Steam level 1, with less than 5 really small game titles.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not moaning over bad feedback, because thats okay with me! I think its great when people say, Hey man! I hate dream because, *insert feedback here*. Seeing why people dislike Dream, or a certain part, lets us shape and tailer it, compare and see if there isn’t anything we can do better. Same when people compliment, that assures us we are doing things correctly in regards to that are that they are complementing.

But this thread was one of those meant for causing trouble. We had one of these not too long back, about how Steam Early Access is a scam. We left this thread open for a bit because people have a right to express their opinions, but it got way out of control and in the end people we’re violently arguing over why it was great, and why it wasn’t - have a look here if you have a few hours to spare >.<
In the end I decided to close the thread and round it off with my unbiased opinion

I Just want to make a quick comment on this. Thanks to everyone who has commented honestly.

I completely understand why Early Access doesn’t appeal to all of you, and why it certainly does to others.
Personally, speaking as a customer and a developer, I think its a brilliant idea. I have bought a few games from Early access and its great seeing how the game developes and the dev’s interact with people. It also makes me feel more attached to the game seeing it grow from time to time.

Speaking from a developers point of view - I think it is fantastic too. As I have only just turned 21, for the past year or so, I have put all and more of my savings into making this game, sacrificed quite alot of social and personal time… it was a huge risk to me, and still is. But getting Dream on Early Access, to me, makes it all worth it. It’s fantastic seeing people comment about how they love the game, what they dont like about the game - and thier personal opinions; which in time will help us mould and shape a better game and experience!

This being said however, I understand the Early Access might ruin your experiance and not appeal to people paying for an unfinished game. If Fable IV hit Early Access, I think I would wait to get the full experiance, although I would love to see how the game progressed.

I figured I’d post a comment to let you know how I personally feel about it, as both a developer, and a consumer.

Unfortunately i had to do the same again..

It really is annoying to have to sit and read through all of these after working so hard on the game. But I guess thats just how easy things can get blown out of proportion on the internet

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